Mr. Sunshine

Hello, I’m Mr. Sunshine,
I brighten up your day.
And as far back,
As I can remember,
I’ve lived a charmed life.
That’s why, I’ve always been,
A happy-go-lucky type of guy.
But along with all my fine attributes,
I must admit, I have a fault–
For I’m also Mr. Vanity.
Some time ago, I decided,
Not to look in the mirror anymore,
Because every time I did,
I would say what a good-looking man.
But today,
I accidentally looked in the mirror,
And I became discouraged.
For I saw, an older man looking back at me.
But then he smiled,
And as I slowly turned away,
I said to myself, what a handsome old fellow.

By: ElRoy © 2019

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