Anxiety Attack

Anxiety Attack

My heart beats faster, but not as strong,
As the core of my love, begins to sink.
Obviously, something appears to be wrong,
For you to believe, I might need a shrink.
Because in my brain, I hear a Gong bong,
It doesn’t mean, I need pills and a drink.
Maybe it’s just a favorite song,
Making my right-hand tremble, when I lip sync.
Ironically, when I was young Longfellow,
I was almost on the brink,
Of practicing psychology for a lifelong.
I thought, I could fix how other people think.
Though my thoughts seem to enjoy Ping Pong.
I’m not so sure, about my biology link.
And I’m concerned, because I don’t know how long,
My left eye will continue to wink.

By: ElRoy © 2017

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