Character Flaws

I have a bee’s nest in my brain,
So don’t come too close,
I might sting you.

I have a snake pit in my heart,
So don’t be provoking me,
I might bite you.

So if you dare, to get involved with me,
Be warned, it’s going to cost you;
For I also, have demands,
That you’ll have to meet.

You might think, I’m fearless,
I can defend myself!
But the truth is,
If I’m ever confronted,
You’d feel sorry for me;
Because I’m afraid,
I really don’t know,
How brave you’d need to be,
To defend myself, from me?

By: ElRoyPoet © 2019

Commentary: “You’re either with me or against me” that narcissist attitude of yours is defective, because how can you expect me to be with you, if you’re really working against the real you, so in order for me to protect you from your fake self, I’m obliged to do the opposite of what you’re asking me to do!

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