Super Hero

I’m not faster than a speeding bullet.
I’m not able to leap over a tall building.
I’m not more powerful than a train.

But, I’m still a Super Hero,
Because, I possess a Super Power:
“I’m capable of loving somebody”.

No matter where you are,
My Super Power will reach you.
You can be standing next to me,
Or sitting on the other side of the world.

All you have to do,
Is to be, thinking about me.
Or better yet, send me a text,
Or call me on the telephone.

My Super Power will defend you.
My Super Power will encourage you,
And with a single smile,
I can brighten up your day.

And, here’s the most amazing thing,
About being a Super Hero:
“You can be a Super Hero”, too!

But, I also have to warn you.
Beware of intolerance,
Because just like kryptonite,
It will take away your power.

Fair Use 2019

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