Addicted To Promises

Even though, I have suffered from hangovers hundreds of times,
I always end up telling myself in the morning:
“I will never binge again”.
Because the pain is unbearable!

But in the evening, when I start feeling melancholy,
I conveniently forget the promise, I made to myself,
And eventually, I breakdown and give in to my habits.
At first, I tell myself:
“There is no guilt, there is no shame”,
If you only indulge in one, and then, don’t do it again.

But just like eating potato chips, I can’t have just one.
My brain begins to tell me:
“Have another, just one more”,
And promises to me:
That ‘tomorrow’s hangover’, this time, won’t be so bad!
But hides from me, the reality,
That ‘tomorrow’s good day’, isn’t guaranteed.

Concept By: Dave © 2018 (edited by: ElRoy)

Commentary: “Desire is much more powerful than pain.” When we’re feeling exhausted and our resistance levels are down, we can deceive ourselves into believing that we deserve a little illicit fun in our lives. But there’s a reason, why it’s called a guilty pleasure; you will be punished for it; it could be immediately or become a long-term addiction that effects you and your loved ones.


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