Practice Makes Perfect

I’m a poet,
I don’t doubt it,
Even if, 
I’m not very good at it.

You can choose,
Who you want to be,
You just have to,
Work at it, too.

You might not be,
The best there is,
But I’ll give you the credit,
For what you do.

So be careful,
With what you practice,
Because you’ll become,
Better at it, too.

For it would be a shame,
If practicing mediocrity,
Wasn’t really,
What you were aiming to do.

By: ElRoy © 2019

Listen to TobyMac—Lose My Soul song

“It is childish and stupid to ask whether this one or that one is guilty. I propose that for one short hour we ask ourselves instead: What about myself? What has been my share of the guilt? When have I been too loudmouthed, too arrogant, too credulous, too boastful? What is there in me that may have helped… all the illusions that have so suddenly collapsed?” Quote by: Hermann Hesse

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