A Throne In Crisis

The dragons are coming,
Where’s my motivation?
The dragons are coming,
To destroy my kingdom!

If I look inside my heart,
Will I find forgiveness there?
And will it make,
The dragons fly away?

By: ElRoy © 2020

Opinion: Everybody wants to believe that they possess righteous anger. But the truth is, that in any distressed relationship, whoever gets angry first loses, (and you can also say goodbye to any future interaction). In order to change your loved one’s heart, you must first change yours, (but you must be authentic with your feelings, otherwise you’ll be discovered). Because only a forgiving heart can move on, after it has been offended. It might happen later or never, because just like you, everybody is in a different stage of the recovery process.

Watch Video On The Power Of Zero Tolerance | Isabelle Mercier, Author | TEDx Talks

Read Article On How To Cope With Anxiety | Olivia Remes, PhD. | Postdoctoral Researcher, Univ. of Cambridge


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