Why Peaceful Protestors Turn Into Agitators

“Hysteria is an audiovisual contagion. You have to see and hear someone exhibiting symptoms in order to find yourself replicating those symptoms. See it enough, and it becomes you. This is hysteria’s essential and most terrifying threat: Anyone is susceptible.“

Hysteria effects youth to young adults, mostly those who are border-line ‘PTSD’ because they have experienced anxiety due to the environment of a broken family, systemic discrimination, or a catastrophic event. Many have endured or witnessed physical and/or psychological abuse in the community, in person or viewed it in the news media. ‘Mob mentality’ is a cousin to ‘mass hysteria’. Fear causes two responses ‘fight or flight’. The riots occurring all over the country are a manifestation of a futile fight against a future fear they perceive closing in on them. The only cure is a therapy that maintains a clear division between what culture accepts as normal and what has become a ‘corrupted state of mind’. But if the ‘thin blue line’ blurs there is a danger that the hysteria will continue.

Quote by: Nashyiela Loa Zavala, Psychiatrist | The Expulsion of Evil and Its Return: An Unconscious Fantasy Associated with a Case of Mass Hysteria in Adolescents | International Journal of Psychoanalysis, October 2010

Editorial by: ElRoy, 2020

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