Riots Lesson Learned

Protests devolve into riots.
Thunderstorms spawn tornadoes.
Don’t be inciting the snowflakes,
Don’t be chasing storms.

By: ElRoy © 2020

Commentary: Peaceful protests have agitators and police departments have ‘rogue cops’. You can’t chill the 1st Amendment because of ‘bad actors’, just like you can’t disband the police because of bullies.
Protests are never a parade of happy people. The word protest means that the participants are angry and complaining about an injustice. When a peaceful protest devolves into a riot, because it’s been hijacked by extremists, the first thing that happens, is for the mayor to declare an emergency curfew, so that everybody will go home and forget about it. In other words: “Sorry, better luck next time”. Basically—nothing is going to change, “you don’t have to protest ever again, because we didn’t learn our lesson”.
Then the chief commands his troops to start acting like armed counter-protesters, utilizing illegal rules of engagement, even if they are the ones being protested.
Conservative senators also cry foul when protests get out of hand, and act like they’re the ones being victimized, when they were the instigators of the protests—in the first place, by allowing tyranny to fester under their watch. It’s not about the public’s shortcomings, it’s about the elected officials not defending their constituents from oppression.
Ironically, every time progressives try to implement a change for the better, conservatives simply dig in their heels, in order to maintain their status quo. If it were up to them, there would never be a protest and no need for our 1st Amendment. Thankfully, our forefathers understood that the government would try to suppress our civil rights, so that’s why they enacted the Constitution and Amendments.
Ultimately, the government can’t blame or punish protesters because of the actions of radicals, just like you can’t disband the police because of the behavior of ‘bad apples’. It’s up to our government to punish ‘anarchists’ and the corruption within the police force. Unfortunately, society is often tasked with having to deal with the consequences, because of our pusillanimous representatives, who should’ve reformed or defunded the police department, instead.

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