Civil Libertarian

To die is inevitable,
But while we’re still breathing,
We must choose sides!

Will we wait,
For our demise,
Or will we break free,
And speak bold—
For those we leave behind?

Since I’m dying anyway,
I choose to make it better,
And if liberty doesn’t work out for me—
Another martyr, I will be…

By: ElRoy © 2020

“Now let us be sure that we will have to keep the pressure alive. We’ve never made any gain in civil rights without constant, persistent, legal and non-violent pressure. Don’t let anybody make you feel that the problem will work itself out… For those who are telling me to keep my mouth shut, I can’t do that… I’m not going to segregate my moral concerns. And we must know on some positions, cowardice asks the question, “Is it safe?” Expediency asks the question, “Is it politic?” Vanity asks the question, “Is it popular?” But conscience asks the question, “Is it right?” And there’re times when you must take a stand that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but you must do it because it is right.”

Quotes by: Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister and a leader of the American civil-rights movement. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for employing non-violent civil disobedience to advance racial equality.

Would You Stand up to an Oppressive Regime or Would You Conform

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