Don’t be pretending “you’re holier than thou”,
By throwing the #conservative hashtag around.
You’re not worthy of that lofty title—
Just call yourself nationalist,
Protectionist of your elitist status quo.

The “golden rule” doesn’t mean:
Do unto others, what you don’t want done to you.
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Is an unalienable right,
Not just for “patriots and values voters”, but for all.

I have issues, so do you;
Stop acting like you’re the only adult in the house.
If you keep “putting up your dukes” how can we agree?
Here’s a thought—let’s compromise,
On one item at a time—
Like for starters—what’s the definition of “civil rights”.

You can’t “fight fire with fire”
Or you’ll burn the whole institution down.
What we need is a “cease fire”
And for both sides to bring a “little good faith” to the table.
But If you keep “digging in your heels”,
You’ll end up burying us all!

By: ElRoyPoet © 2019

Listen to TobyMac—Love Broke Thru song

It is only in recent years, as I have seen that pride turn into self-righteousness, and that self-righteousness into self-pity and aggression, that I have realized just how wrong it was not to be completely open about the failings I witnessed. Confronting lies sometimes means confronting difficult truths about one’s self and one’s own country. It is much easier to forgive yourself and condemn another, than the other way round; but this is something that everyone must do. Finally, do not ever imagine that your world cannot collapse, as ours did. This may seem the most obvious lesson to be passed down, but only because it is the most important. One moment I was enjoying an idyllic adolescence in my home city of Lodz, and the next we were on the run. Perhaps it is because I was only a child that I did not notice the storm clouds that were gathering, but I believe that many who were older and wiser than me at that time also shared my childlike state. Excerpts from I Survived the Warsaw Ghetto

“These are people who have chosen hate and ideology as a drug of choice to numb the pain of underlying issues and grievances, and so we treat this the same way we treat addiction,” said Myrieme Churchill, the executive director of Parents for Peace. Excerpt from: Desperate families are seeking groups that deprogram extremists

Read: What to Know About the Origins of Fascism’s Brutal Ideology

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