Yoyo Liberty

Sometimes you let me,
And Soar!

Other times,
You grasp me,
In your fist,
So that I can’t,

By: ElRoyPoet © 2019

“The historian Lynn Hunt published a pioneering study that presented the ascent of universal human rights as inexorable. She recognized that it took time for the concept to achieve its full, mature shape. But once it did so in the eighteenth century, the “bulldozer force of the revolutionary logic of rights” propelled it irresistibly forward.
This narrower tradition has concerned itself too heavily with individual rights—above all, economic rights—as opposed to the common good. It has not paid enough attention to moral values and moral education, and it has not done enough to encourage broad democratic participation.”
Excerpts from: The Many Lives of Liberalism.

We all see freedom differently. Your interpretation is smothering me! But this is what I get, for letting you have the upper hand; I should’ve known better!” By: A. Bondsman

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