Why It’s So Hard To Be Tolerant

Who you hate, doesn’t define you,
Like the republicans and democrats do.
I love Liberty—
And I want my children to have it, too.

By: ElRoy © 2020

Commentary: Why intolerance leads to polarization and then to the end. Since we’re all social creatures, we take cues from our surroundings. Our brains become frustrated when those around us aren’t friendly to our cause. Consequently, we become agitated when we encounter opposition. Since the beginning of time, these mannerisms have been hard wired into our bodies for our self-preservation—if we’re confronted, we either fight or take flight. However, we can‘t run away from every hostile environment. Sooner or later our brains will have to learn more efficient ways to stand up for our beliefs. Besides, even if fleeing from trouble works most of the time, we will eventually become fatigued and what are we going to do when we’re backed up into a corner?

Political warfare dictates, that the oppressed man’s chances of survival are better if he takes the first strike. And eventually he decides, that in order to overcome, it’s better to pursue his enemies before they become too powerful. So he resorts to covert tactics, such as profiling and discrimination. It’s not that he doesn’t aspire to be a good neighbor. It’s just that if he picks up any unfriendly cues, his brain defaults to hate, out of fear that he will lose something that’s precious to him. If he perceives a threat approaching, he transitions into patriotic mode and starts plotting on how to protect the homeland—before he is conquered.

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“Keep watch and pray so that you will not give into temptation for the spirit is willing but the body is weak” Bible, Matthew 26:41

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