Global Warming

I’ve traveled across many galaxies.
I’ve seen stars glow bright
And others go dim.
It’s also been my experience,
That a sun burns hotter,
Before it burns out.
I’ve even seen frozen planets
Swallowed whole,
By the very same darkened hole.

By: ElRoy © 2020

Commentary: Corporations and their government sympathizers are using global warming disputes as a smoke screen to hide the fact that we have a real air pollution problem (smog). They are framing global warming as fake news in order to kill 2 birds with 1 stone (global warming and pollution). They are hoping that the global warming alarmist, politicians and concerned citizens, will eventually tire of debating a no-win proposition. Those die-hard activists that do remain emotionally invested in the discussion will have no choice but to step up their efforts and become militant. The problem with this approach, is that while we are debating whether global warming is real, we are inadvertently overlooking any possible solutions to the underlying cause of the rise in atmospheric temperature. Ironically, instead of wasting our breath by arguing about a global warming problem that we cannot fix; we should instead be concentrating on improving our national air quality and protecting our communities from man-made pollutants.

Read EPA finalizes rollback of Obama-era oil and gas methane emissions standards

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