America Warning

Middle class beware,
The union is out to get you.
There can’t be
A bourgeois society
If the elites don’t need you.

In an authoritarian state,
It’s too hard to differentiate,
Between all the nationalist drones.
You’re either in the in-group,
And since you’re not, you’re out.

Religion can’t save you,
And academics aren’t allowed,
Because syndicates hate media.
Democracy is just too difficult,
Fascism is so much easier.

By: ElRoy © 2020

“(Our founders) created a document that built a representative democracy. Because the idea is: that our elected officials represent us, they don’t rule us, they have to listen. And in order to achieve this, you need the machinery for people to have their voice heard. However, it is the republican party that constantly seeks to attack the machinery for change—the method in which the average person can have their voice heard. This is why they suppress the vote, this is why they seek to criminalize assembly, speech, it’s why they attack the media—fake news. This is a method outlined by the founders, so the government can hear the opinions of the people—when it comes to petitioning for a redress of grievances. (Regardless), when it comes to the republican party you are always doing it wrong!”

Excerpt from Let’s talk about Trump the Constitution, and the machinery for change Video

“All the dangers of authoritarianism flow, really, from the perfection of the figurehead, the demagogue. If he’s perfect—then it’s surely not necessary to question him, is it? So what need is there for a free press? If he’s perfect—and you’re imperfect—then what need is there for you to worry, or care, or even vote? If he’s perfect, then surely disagreeing with him is dangerous, and therefore it’s something to be policed, watched carefully, and punished. Perfect? Then who needs an opposition…or a judiciary…or a Congress…or a democracy at all? Hey, if he’s perfect, he must have special blood—his kid’s a better inheritor of power than anyone else. Welcome back to the age of the divine right of royalty.”

Excerpt (edited) from The RNC is American Authoritarianism Unmasked

Commentary: Don’t be deceived into believing, you don’t need the First Amendment. If you willingly surrender your rights, what makes you think, the government can be trusted—to not trick you—into giving up your Second Amendment, also. Even if you resist, it will be too late, because you would’ve already forfeited your First Amendment—Freedom of the Press and Assembly protections.
The forfeiture of our First Amendment, whether by coercion, deceit or choice is the greatest threat to our democracy! “When you do first things—first, everything else will fall in place. However, if you do second things—first, everything else will fall apart”. Our Founders were fully aware of how subtle government tyranny can become. We should all be grateful, that they were inspired, when they amended the Constitution with the Bill of Rights! 

Read about The Senator Who Stood Up to Joseph McCarthy When No One Else Would

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