Your Heart Matters To Me

In a corner of my mind,
I put your Jesus.
I’d never be needing a Savior,
I hid Him there.
But, when I wasn’t looking,
He moved into my heart.
So, I asked Him: Why me?
And He replied:
“Because I can’t save you,
Unless, I’m The Center Of Your Attention.”

By: ElRoy © 2020

Listen to Hawk Nelson—Live Like You’re Loved

Commentary: When we spend our time pursing earthly pleasures and treasures, we become lost at sea. It’s only when we have our lives anchored on “The Rock Of Ages” that we can withstand the crashing waves that engulf us.
So how do you navigate back to safe harbors? Every day you make choices, that determine the direction your heart will travel. Will you seek to know your Savior, or will you become more acquainted with the world? If you decide to read the Bible, you will also choose to look for the good in God’s creations.

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