Make America A Good Country Again

Everybody has heard young adults use the cliché: “I’m a work in process” when they try to justify their short comings or excuse their poor behavior. But, at what age does it become apparent that they are no longer advancing, and have become stuck in a “broken process”? A better choice of words would be: “I’m a work in progress”, because “progress” doesn’t break, it improves, and if it becomes stagnant, it finds a way to change into something better. However, you might say: “Progressives” are just wishful thinking, it’s an unrealistic expectation. Well my response to that is: We need to encourage our young adults to be “progress-minded”. After all, it’s really up to them to overcome all the “broken processes” that their “conservative” and “liberal” parents have left behind. In conclusion, it is my hope that we do our best, to not leave the world too messed-up for them, so that they can make it good again!

By: ElRoy 2020

Listen to For King And Country—Together Song

“To anyone following American politics, it’s not exactly news that Democrats and Republicans don’t like each other. This is hardly a new trend; in fact, it’s increasingly common among American voters. However, this level of hatred—which political scientists call “negative partisanship”—has reached levels that are not just bad for democracy, but are potentially destructive. And extreme partisan animosity is a prelude to democratic collapse.”

Excerpt from How Hatred Came To Dominate American Politics

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