Voter Suppression

Value voters wanted! Applicant must be able to prove that he is an upright citizen—born in the USA, of course. Requirements: Home owner with a 6 figure income and of sound mind and body, 26 to 62 years of age only.

Please report to the voters registration office and bring along your government issued ID, deed to your residence and last year’s audited tax return, along with a certificate of authenticity stating your DOB and health score, all documents must be verifiable on the GOP on-line database. Please be advised that low scores need not apply. We take voting seriously because it is a privilege to be a citizen.

If your certificate is not verifiable, we offer mail-in RNC voter ID services. State licensed health care specialists are available on an appointment only basis. New ID full screening cost: $1000. Yearly renewal screening cost: $500. American express credit card payments accepted only.

By: ElRoy © 2020

“(Our founders) created a document that built a representative democracy. Because the idea is: that our elected officials represent us, they don’t rule us, they have to listen. And in order to achieve this, you need the machinery for people to have their voice heard. However, it is the republican party that constantly seeks to attack the machinery for change—the method in which the average person can have their voice heard. This is why they suppress the vote, this is why they seek to criminalize assembly, speech, it’s why they attack the media—fake news. This is a method outlined by the founders, so the government can hear the opinions of the people—when it comes to petitioning for a redress of grievances. (Regardless), when it comes to the republican party you are always doing it wrong!”

Excerpt from Let’s talk about Trump the Constitution and the machinery for change Video

“Democracy is in peril—ahead of this year’s US election. Donald Trump is busy running the largest misinformation campaign in history as he questions the legitimacy of voting by mail, a method that will be crucial to Americans casting their vote in a pandemic. Meanwhile, the president has also appointed a new head of the US Postal Service who has stripped it of resources, undermining its ability to fulfill a crucial role in processing votes. This is one of a number of attempts to suppress the votes of Americans—something that has been a stain on US democracy for decades. The Voting Rights Act was passed 55 years ago to undo a web of restrictions designed to block Black Americans from the ballot box. Now, seven years after that law was gutted by the supreme court, the president is actively threatening a free and fair election.”

Excerpt from The Guardian


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