Pandora’s Box

“You had it so good with my ‘PC’ speech. However, you thought, you could get away with pushing my buttons. Only fools willingly open the flood gates of other’s emotions.

Everybody knows what happens, when push comes to shove. Didn’t you know: ‘Loose lips sink ships’? That’s what you get for not playing nice. You ruined social media for all of us!

Now you’ll have to face the indignation of me, having to cancel you.”

By: ElRoy, 2021

Listen to TobyMac—Speak Life song

“When you start understanding the science and psychology of hate, you begin to realize that there are numerous complex reasons for your hatred towards people. In an ideal world, we would love and respect everyone we interact with. Everyone will be compassionate, emphatic, generous, considerate and kind. We will accept each other’s views no matter how opposing they may be to ours and would learn from different perspectives. But reality is far from ideal. And this is perhaps why we often get upset, angry and annoyed with others.”

Excerpt from 5 Reasons Why You Hate People According To Psychology

“In every encounter, we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” By: Brennan Manning, 2008

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