My Peace Flowers

Our Republic is like,
A beautiful garden.
Our Constitution,
The fence that surrounds it.
Our Democracy,
The gardener who tends to it.

People from all over the country,
Are welcome to come and admire it.
But I won’t allow extremism,
To sow the seeds of doubt in it.
Because nationalism, just like weeds—
Will choke the life out of it.

By: ElRoy © 2020

Listen to Hawk Nelson—Words song

“We must choose to live in this world and to project our own meaning and value onto it in order to make sense of it. This means that people are free and burdened by it, since with freedom there is a terrible, even debilitating, responsibility to live and act authentically. Every human is free, but freedom itself is relative; one must embrace limits, moderation, ‘calculated risk’; absolutes are anti-human. ‘I choose freedom. For even if justice is not realized, freedom maintains the power of protest against injustice and keeps communication open.’”

Quotes by: Albert Camus, (1913 – 1960)—French philosopher, Nobel laureate, 1957

(Is this is what happens when polarization takes hold of society?) “If you are thoroughly committed to an idea, are you compelled to kill for it? What price for justice? What price for freedom? Absolutism, and the impossible idealism it inspires, is a dangerous path forward.”

Excerpts from How Camus and Sartre split up over the question of how to be free

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