I’m a poet,
I don’t doubt it,
Even if,
I’m not very good at it.

You can choose,
Who you want to be,
You’ll just have to,
Work at it, too.

You might not be,
The best there is,
But I’ll give you the credit,
For what you do.

So be careful,
With what you practice,
Because you’ll become,
Better at it, too.

For it would be a shame,
If practicing mediocrity,
Wasn’t really,
What you were aiming to do.

By: ElRoyPoet © 2019

“When you’re trying to do something hard, what your brain does is give you something else to do that’s not quite as difficult, so that you can feel justified in not doing the thing, you’re supposed to be doing in the first place. Basically what your brain is doing, is tricking you into believing that your doing something else that’s also useful. And if you give into that temptation, which you often will, then it wins and because it wins, it gets a little dopamine kick and it grows stronger. Anything you let win, the internal argument grows, and anything you let be defeated shrinks, because it’s being punished—it doesn’t get to have its way. So another thing to remember, is to not practice what you don’t want to become. Because those are neurological circuits—you build those things in there—they’re not going anywhere. You can resort to another strategy (coping mechanism) to inhibit them, that’s the best you can do. But once they’re in there, you can’t get them out. And then the ones you inhibit, can also be taken out by stress and the old habits will come back up. So you got to be be careful with what you say and what you do, because you train your subconscious that way.” By: Jordan Peterson (edited for clarity)

Commentary: The human brain is not a computer hard drive that you can wipe clean. If you could format your brain like a hard drive, you would end up a vegetable. So don’t fill your head with any wrong ideas! But most importantly, don’t let hackers invade your free space and don’t let anybody push your buttons. Because once you allow malicious code to enter into your memory, it resides there forever.

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