The Big Lie

Framing the narrative:
A. The Republican legislature commissioned an Arizona vote audit, even though there was minimal suspicion of errors.
B. Use the rhetoric that “if there wasn’t voter fraud, an audit wouldn’t be necessary”.
C: Republicans now have a license to contest all future elections, when they lose (see B. “we had to do an audit last time”).
D. Even if the audit proves that wide-spread voter fraud is non-existent (discount the results, refer to B. “we had to do an audit last time”).
E: Cynicism is now instilled in the general public (see B. “why bother, there’s always voter fraud”).
To conflate the lying of Trump with the “questioning of truth” is to become complicit in the GOP’s propaganda of disinformation (It’s a circular argument, engineered to disenfranchise the voter. Historically, the lower the voter turn-out, the higher the probability, that the Republicans will remain in power).

Republicans in states including Arizona and Wisconsin are pursuing controversial election audits and investigations. Many GOP-controlled states are pursuing laws which critics say aim to restrict ballot access among those likely to vote Democratic, or make it easier to overturn results. Excerpt from: Trump tries to defend ‘just say the election was corrupt’ demand

The concept of Republican state legislatures declaring that the vote was rigged and sending an alternate slate to declare Trump the winner did not come from nowhere. Having lost over and over again in court, Trump and his team have switched to their Plan B, which is to delay the certification of the vote in certain states and try to get Republican legislatures to assign electors to vote for Donald Trump instead of the actual winner, Joe Biden. This is based on the theory that if they can create enough chaos around the election results, Republican loyalists will rise to the occasion and “save democracy” from the Democrats, who are allegedly stealing the election. Trump’s behavior with all these phony “audits,” even in places like Texas where he won, is explained as an extension of that plan. They are attempting to create so much distrust in the electoral process that in the case of a semi-close election, the default “solution” will be for the “Republican” state legislatures to take over the process and decide the winner. Excerpt from: Now the GOP has a coup plan — and Steve Bannon’s ready to put boots on the ground

Commentary: Republican legislators think they are being slick when they enact voter and civil-rights suppression laws targeted at democrats. Even though they know full well, that these laws are unconstitutional and will undoubtedly be overturned in federal court. They persist with the charade, hoping that their threats will instill the “fear of being sued by the state” in law-abiding constituents. Their objective is to stop the progressive movement, even if they have to resort to intimidation and prosecution of innocent citizen activists.

The second part of the GOP’s plan, is to get out the conservative vote by inciting the patriots with incendiary rhetoric, scare tactics and conspiracy theories. Their end game is to weaponize controversial social issues, such as critical race theory; cancel culture; voter fraud; the border crisis; war on drugs; defund the police; abortion, in order to galvanize support for their republican candidates.

See video: Ron DeSantis Goes After Mark Zuckerberg For Funding Election NGOs

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