Thoughts On My Spiritual Life

Our spiritual life is based on relationships, not on how perfect we are as Christians. In other words, just because we are affluent, well behaved and attending the best church, it doesn’t mean, we will have a better quality of spiritual life, than a person who acknowledges that he is in need of A Savior because he is a sinner.  
We pray for our relationships (intercession for our family and friends, present and prospective). Consequently, our relationship with God is based on prayer. As a result, when we keep our focus on Jesus Christ, our spiritual life improves, because when we are thankful and praying for our relationships, we are not so easily distracted. 
Let’s Make A Deal 

Our Creator doesn’t have to make deals with his children. It’s real simple, He will bless you and protect you, as long as you obey His Commandments. Since He is the Author of the Law, He won’t change it and will not defend you from the consequences if you break it. On the other hand, the devil makes religion very complicated and will try to trick you into believing, that you can make a deal. But the truth of the matter is that we are all under judgement, and we will all suffer the same consequences. By the way, nobody gets away with it, especially not the evil one. But you might ask, is there no hope because we are all sinners. Yes, there is hope in Jesus, for those who believe and repent. But how can you tell if someone has repented, Jesus can tell, because only He knows your real motive.

Believe in Jesus or myself 

Does everybody who believes in God, only do it, because they have faith that He will eventually benefit them? Not me, I believe in Jesus, because I have faith, that He has already benefited me and my loved ones. Does everyone who doesn’t believe in God, only have faith in their own ability to benefit themselves and their loved ones? That used to be me, when I was prideful, but now I’m thankful. 

Winning the price
To win the price of Heaven, I am only in a race against myself. To win the world price, I am in a race against time and you, plus all your brothers. To get to heaven there is only one Plan A. To make it in this world there is plan B and all the letters in between to Z, but there is no Plan A. If I try to get to Heaven by making my own plan A, I will only become frustrated and end up with a plan “ME”. 

I need Jesus 

If you ask most religious people: “Do you believe in Jesus because you want to or because you need to?” They will usually reply: “It’s a personal choice that I have made”. I used to think that way, too, that it was up to me to find Jesus. However, I could never find Him, so I assumed I just needed to choose the right church instead. Then, one evening while I was praying for my family, my heart was breaking and in my trial, it felt like my world was crashing around me, because I didn’t know how or what else I could do to help my children. So I cried out to Jesus, and He blessed me with his Peace. So, if you ask me why I believe in Jesus, I will reply: “Because I need Him to bless me, my family and country”. 

My Light Shines 

The reason my light seems dim, is because you shun me. 
For my light shines brightest, when you are in front of me. 
Don’t you know that you can’t see, when you allow the darkness to gather around you? 
The light will never be hid by darkness, because it’s for all to see. 
Darkness is a coward and hides from the public view in order to do it’s dark deeds. 
The light is everything, and darkness is nothing; it can’t exist on it’s own, it has no reflection, its the absence of light, just a mere shadow. 
For you see, darkness, is only visible, when men turn their backs and refuse to see the light. 
The devil has a purpose
The devil has only one goal. 
And that’s to replace love with hate. 
No matter what it takes, how long it takes or whomever it takes. 
For the devil is a liar, and the father of it. 
He will trick people with lust, and convince them, that it could be love. 
The devil is a counterfeiter, and when the shiny outer shell of lust melts in your hands, you will see the inner core of self-loathing, and right then and there is when hate reveals itself. 
Because, the truth of the matter is: that a lie, can never be true. 

My testimony 

For a lifetime, I have worried that one day, I would have to meet my Maker. What will I say, how will I convince Him, that while on earth, I believed in His Son Jesus? Did I try to be an evangelist or was I just a closet Christian? When I was a young adult, for about 20 years, I was a church busy body, a tithe payer and actively involved in fellowship. Needless to say, I regret not doing more in the spiritual areas of my life, like studying the Bible as a family, which would have spared us so much heart ache. However, after my wife left me, I became burned out and later when my children grew up, I lost interest in organized (prosperity) religion. After that, I just floated through life without doing much to share the good news, because the few people that I have encountered, considered me a church quitter or a classic (liberal) loser, because I only earn enough to make a modest living. However, I have always loved my family, and tried to help them, with whatever I can, and a big part of that, has always been to pray to our Father in Heaven for their well-being. I am thankful for all the blessings He has given me and my loved ones. So, my hope is that He will see in me a father’s heart and show Mercy to me, like a Father shows Love to His child. 

God’s plan 

God has a plan for me, 
God has a plan for you, 
and you know what, 
it is the same plan, 
because He loves me, 
as much as He loves you.
He is our Father, 
and we are His children, 
that’s why,
He wants us to live in peace, 
With each other. 
He has provided everything, 
We need, 
He gave us this Earth, 
He gave us His Heart.

By: ElRoyPoet , 2021

Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. Bible, John 14:6

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Matthew 26:41

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