Inanimate Objects

I have two chairs sitting in my room,
one’s for me
and the other one’s waiting for you—
to return to me.

But I know me
and you know you—
because if you ever do
return to me?

I’ll have to ask you to leave,
because you came back too late
and I’ve already turned blue.

And just like you turned red,
when I asked you to wait,
I can’t stop being me,
because now I’m already through—
waiting for you.

And since I can’t turn back,
the hands of time,
you’ll have to carry on without me.

Spanish Translation

Tengo dos sillas dentro mi habitacion,
una es para mí
y la otra—está esperando—
que vuelvas a mí.

¿Pero yo me conozco
y tú te conoces,
porque si alguna vez
vuelves a mí?

Tendré que pedirte que te vayes de aqui,
porque volviste muy tarde
y ya me he desanimado.

Y como te enojaste,
cuando te pedí que me esperaras aquí,
no puedo dejar de ser yo,
porque ahora,
ya he perdido la fe en ti.

Y como no puedo recuperar
el tiempo que perdí,
tendrás que seguir adelante sin mí.

Por: ElRoyPoet © 2022

“Poetry makes the world go round, making it a much better place in which to live. Poetry is an extremely important and powerful art form. Humans have been writing poems for thousands of years. When we think about poetry—romance and love is what first comes to mind for most people. But, poetry is so much more. Poetry is a linguistic expression of just about anything: feelings, emotions, values, hopes, dreams, messages, and more. It addresses, war, peace, sickness, health, fear, happiness, anxiety, to name just a few. Yes, poems are written about any subject you can imagine.”
Excerpt from World Poetry Day

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