Liberty Campaign Speech

I’m running for the victory,
I can’t give in,
I can’t give out.

Because your love of liberty
is not an after thought to me,
it’s on my mind, all the time.

I’m running for unity;
I’m running for your freedom;
I’m running the race of my life!

Because if fatigue beats me—
who will defend our democracy,
and then we’ll all become cynical?

Help me find my second wind,
and together we’ll be lifted up,
high above, on the wings of eagles.

By: ElRoyPoet © 2022

Opinion: Self preservation can cause you to become a hero or to end up as a zero, or some other insignificant identification number or statistic. Patriots are afraid that the USA will fail due to unrestrained liberalism (see liberty with responsibilities poem) and are willing to cut their losses and jump ship before it sinks, but what are they trading democracy for and which demographic is loosing out on the deal? On the other side of the coin, a country can be tricked into becoming a police state when the population become cynical, because they no longer believe they can make it work or when they refuse to buck the system, out of fear that they have given their elected officials too much power and consequently the government now has the capacity for tyranny.
When Benjamin Franklin said “A republic if you can keep it” He wasn’t aware that when a free country becomes complacent with its status quo (see fellow travelers anecdote), government culture gradually deteriorates, because as a society we have a tendency to become decadent, if we can get away with it. So in order to progress we always have to be vigilant, exercising self-control and trying to make things better for everyone not just the affluent. Otherwise evil capitalists and corrupt elites will become more greedy—and too bad for the people who can’t keep up, because they will have to do without or be forced to assimilate as second class citizens.

Let’s talk about the most important election of your life.

Voting Quotes: “Every time you vote, it is vitality important. Because if you don’t vote, sooner or later you won’t be able to vote anymore.
This may not be the most important election of your life, but it has a fair chance of being the last election of your life.
The most important election is always the upcoming one, even when we are choosing between bad and worse.
This reminds me of a question I heard years ago: Which step of a journey is the hardest?
It could be the first one, because you are stepping from the familiar into the unfamiliar.
It could be the last one, because your energy and desire for the journey are long spent and you just want it to be over.
It could be one of the steps in between, where both of those factors are at play.
It doesn’t matter, those things are really just abstracts. The hardest step is the current one. Because it’s the one you have to take now. This election coming up is the most important election of your life right now. Not just because losing it may well mean that the USA tips over the edge and spirals toward a fascist dystopia or a theocratic apocalypse, but because this is the one you can influence now. This one you can have some say in right now, and if the Democratic Party isn’t the party you want it to be, change it. There are a bunch of groups trying to turn the party into something that more closely aligns with their vision. They all need people to do that. Find the one that best fits your vision for the party and put your weight behind that. If every disaffected voter did that, American politics would be very different, from the current mess it is in.”

“Here in America, it’s a civil society. People who really believe in liberal values. The problem with people who usually vote Democratic, they are a little bit demotivated to go and vote. They think it’s in the bag. They have to be sold 100% for their candidate. But the thing on the republican side, they will go every single time. They don’t care about who represents them.” By: Bassem Youssef

“If our democracy dies, the reason won’t be that Americans were too apathetic to save it; it will be that they voted it out of existence.” By: H. Scott Butler

Commentary: When a country throws up its arms in disgust, because nobody wants to compromise and everybody is constantly digging in their heels, because they don’t want to relinquish the ideology of their polarized parties or culture groups. It becomes easier for society to become cynical about its democratic institutions and the government protections they provide. Physical and emotional fatigue makes cowards out of all of us, and when a patriot believes that he can’t win, he resigns to the temptation—that he perceives to be the easier way out—to forfeit democracy and let a power hungry strong man do the governing for him. In the Bible, the Jews had the opportunity to govern themselves with judges, but they always opted to relinquish their freedom to a king. This provided temporary peace of mind, but eventually the honeymoon is over and the domestic abuse begins.

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Bible, Isaiah 40:31

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