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Propaganda Games

If you promote racism,
It grows.
If you accept racism,
It grows.
If you neglect racism,
It grows;
And hate rhetoric wins.

If you promote respect,
It grows.
If you accept respect,
It grows.
If you neglect respect,
It dies;
And hate rhetoric wins, again!

Do you want to play,
One last time?
If you win,
You’ll get a Bonus Round!
Ready Player One?
Genocide Mode:
Do or Die.

Public Domain 2020

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I’m A Giver

When I say I love you,
I back it up.
They’re not just empty words,
Flung in the wind.

Everything I have,
I give to the one I love,
Be it my time, money
And all of the above.

I have a big heart,
And I try to fit you,
And everyone else,
I care about, in there.

So don’t be a doubter,
Wondering if my love,
Is limited,
Or conditional.

“I’m not holding back,
You’re getting it all.”

I hope you’ll understand,
That my greatest joy,
Is to be able to give,
To my family.

By: ElRoy © 2019

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Fighting Fair

I know you like mystery, suspense and drama,
But I’m kind of tired, of living in a soap opera.
So please stop the cheating, when we’re disagreeing–
By raising the volume, in your condescending tone!
You can’t fool me, you’re not winning the debate,
You’re just kicking the can, further down the road.

Trying to exhaust me, forcing me to surrender,
By going to your default, virtual choke hold–
To suppress my freedom of expression,
Just like the progressives and fascists do,
When they’re trying to wear down the detractors.
This is not a revolution, all I need is a resolution.

Concept By: Lou © 2019 (edited by: ElRoy)

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If you want to live forever,
Get your insurance right here?
We’ve got hospitals, therapists,
And miracle pills, too.

We can cure you,
Even make you better, than before.
Don’t worry, I’ll lower your deductible,
And you can keep your doctor, too.

If you want prosperity?
If you want to be respected,
And admired by your peers?
If you want to go, straight to heaven?

Donate right here,
And streets of gold, diamonds and pearls,
Will be your reward,
For your blind faith in me.

If you want to protect your family,
Invest in their future, right here?
And everybody will adore you,
Especially me.

If you want world peace,
Security and protection?
Lower taxes guaranteed, if you vote for me?
And safe and sound, you’ll sleep tonight!

Whatever you want,
Whatever you’re looking for,
You can get it, right here and right now,
At your user-friendly dollar store.

By: ElRoy © 2019

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Splatter On The Wall

There are so many thoughts,
In the mosh pit of my heart.
Shoving and pushing,
Refusing to keep apart.

Trying to command:
“All Your Attention!”
By forcing their way,
To the front.

They have no manners,
They don’t take turns.
Since they have different beliefs,
They can’t get along.

Every time a Nobel thought,
Tries to make a peace offering.
The jealous one’s revolt,
And gang up on it.

And if a Moral thought,
Attempts to escape.
They form a Rock and Roll band,
Called: “Search And Destroy”.

I hope the Decent thoughts,
That still remain,
Will soon find a way,
To defeat that old dinosaur brain.

Before those last Good intentions,
That stayed behind,
Become extincted,
And forgotten in my past.

By: ElRoy © 2019

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A Liberal Becomes Conservative

When I was young,
I couldn’t wait to be grown.
I wanted to “Live And Let Live”,
And to be on my own.
I thought all love was free,
My Mom gave it to me?

Later in life,
I saw “The Error Of My Ways”,
For Liberty,
She demanded a price–always!
And how chasing a lie would be,
Just like falling into the sea.

Now that I’m old,
I’ve come to realize,
You can’t live like that,
Even if it seems nice.
For our hearts to amend,
Who you love you defend!

By: ElRoy © 2017

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Orange Ball

Orange ball in the sky,
Rising up, going high.
Orange ball in the sky,
Measuring life, to you and I.

Orange ball in the sky,
Shining bright, in my eye.
Orange ball in the sky,
Hovering above, to magnify.

Orange ball in the sky,
Inspires me, to testify.
Orange ball in the sky,
Enlightens all, to glorify.

Orange ball in the sky,
Sinking low, the moon’s nigh.
Orange ball in the sky,
Now’s down, and so I’ll lie.

By: ElRoy © 2014