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Reading In Darkness

You heard of me,
And you were curious,
About the magical,
Writing skills that I possess.

It gave you pleasure to think,
That you could be,
Just like the swanky poets,
Who are always following me.

You let me seduce you,
With my charming rhymes,
And destroy your morality.

I didn’t have to touch you,
To get inside your head.
I’m already everybody’s idol,
And soon, you’ll also be,
Another grateful dead.

By: ElRoy © 2017

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The Struggle To Believe

It is true, that fear wants you to live.
But isn’t it obvious, that rage needs to die?
You don’t have to feel near death,
To be grateful you have breath.
I know you’ve ignored the words of Jeremiah,
For a very long time.
But I will give you, one final warning.
Your under-world curiosity,
Will only make your heart numb.
And you can’t retreat,
When the battle is done.
The devil and his demons want it all, to end!
God and His Angels need you to be born again.

By: ElRoy © 2018

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Blimps, blimps,
Zeppelins too,
In the sky,
High they flew.

Blimps, blimps,
Submarines too,
Deep in the,
Ocean blue.

Blimps, blimps,
Sandwiches too,
For me, you
And the crew.

By: ElRoy © 2019

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You’re My World

The Earth orbits around the Sun,
The Moon orbits around the Earth,
And I precariously orbit around You.

But if the Earth’s gravitational pull,
Is not enough to attract the Moon,
It will dejectedly slip away.

It may fall into another planet’s rings,
Or end up, as a solitary shooting star,
That gradually fades away.

Concept By: Sam © 2019 (edited by: ElRoy)

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I Don’t Need It Anymore






I’ve had enough,
To last me a lifetime!

All those old vices,
Have served their purposes.

They’ve inflicted much pain
And left permanent scars.

They’ve opened my eyes,
And seared my brain.

I’ve learned my lesson,
I’m ready to repent.

Oh Jesus, please bless my heart,
And make it new.

Public Domain 2020


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The cure for bad religion is no religion, whatsoever.
We can’t have man-made ideologies and philosophies,
Constantly causing havoc to our established social norms.

The remedy for hate rhetoric is politically correct speech.
You need to keep your opinions to yourself;
Nobody is interested in what others have to say, anyway.

The alternative for fake news is a trusted government press.
That way it’s anti-propaganda, minimal information,
And on a need to know basis only, for our citizens in good standing.

The solution for disruptive activism is to not authorize assembly,
For the petitioning of the state in the first place.
Squash grievances before they escalate into protests, I always say.

The resolution for a quarrelsome two-party political system,
Is to consolidate it into one huge party,
Everybody should be on the same page as the speaker of the houses!

The cooler for civil disobedience is more governmental controls,
Enhanced with citizen watch patrols, of course.
Because if you can’t assimilate, don’t you forfeit your freedoms?

By: ElRoy © 2019

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You are the sun and you are the moon,
And I am the poet who adores you;
I write my poems for you.

Sometimes the sunshines on me,
Other times the moonbeams do.

But in between the sunset and the moon,
I’m separated from your warmth,
And the reflection of your rays.

So in between the moon and the sunrise,
I recite poetry, while I wait,
For your glow, to arrive.

(Spanish Translation)


Tu eres mi sol y eres mi luna,
Y yo soy el poeta que te adora;
Escribo mis poemas para ti.

A veces el sol me ilumina,
Y a veces el espejo de la luna,
Tambien lo hace.

Pero entre la puesta del sol y la luna,
Estoy separado de tu calor,
Y el reflejo de tus rayos.

Por eso, entre la luna y el amanecer,
Recito poesía,
Mientras espero que tu resplandor se despierta.

Por: ElRoy © 2019