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Addicted To Promises

Even though, I have suffered from hangovers hundreds of times,
I always end up telling myself in the morning:
“I will never binge again”.
Because the pain is unbearable!

But in the evening, when I start feeling melancholy,
I conveniently forget the promise, I made to myself,
And eventually, I breakdown and give in to my habits.
At first, I tell myself:
“There is no guilt, there is no shame”,
If you only indulge in one, and then, don’t do it again.

But just like eating potato chips, I can’t have just one.
My brain begins to tell me:
“Have another, just one more”,
And promises to me:
That ‘tomorrow’s hangover’, this time, won’t be so bad!
But hides from me, the reality,
That ‘tomorrow’s good day’, isn’t guaranteed.

By: ElRoy © 2018

Commentary: “Desire is much more powerful than pain.” When we’re feeling exhausted and our resistance levels are down, we can deceive ourselves into believing that we deserve a little illicit fun in our lives. But there’s a reason, why it’s call a guilty pleasure; you will be punished for it. It could be immediately or become a long-term addiction that effects you and your loved ones.


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Yoyo Liberty

Sometimes you let me,
And Soar!

Other times,
You grasp me,
In your fist,
So that I can’t,

By: ElRoy © 2019

Comment: We all see freedom differently. Your interpretation is smothering me!

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I wish somebody would love me,
I wish that somebody was you.
I wish somebody would love me,
I wish I could be happy too.
I wish somebody would love me,
Just a little bit would do.
Since you don’t care about me,
I’ll have to get even with everybody.
And if nobody wants to love me,
I’ll be unlovable too.

By: ElRoy © 2019

Notes: 6 key signs you’re doing it.
1. Low self-esteem: “Just a little bit would do”.
2. Argumentative: “Since you don’t care”
3. Procrastination: “I wish somebody would”
4. Feeling fraudulent: “I’ll have to get even”
5. Overindulgence: “I wish I could be happy too”
6. Self-sabotage: “I’ll be unlovable too”

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Earth Protection Services

I’m the Captain of a team of First Responders.
I’m a member of an Elite Security Force.

Our duty is to protect and defend,
The planet from alien invasions.

In the remote chance that you are attacked,
Our Space Rangers will not hesitate,
To blow the space pirates,
And their spaceships out of the galaxy.

Our arsenal includes:
The most technologically advanced,
Next-gen rockets and impenetrable shields.

Your citizens need not fear,
Because we have a fleet of spacecraft carriers,
Armed and ready, looking down on you.

We offer protection to the nations of the world.
All you must do, is contribute, only ten percent,
Of your verifiable GDP for the earth’s well-being.

But, don’t be late with your allotted investment.
Because our extraterrestrials won’t hesitate,
In coming down, to collect it.

By: ElRoy © 2019

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I came to this planet in a pod.
I developed into a living being upon admission.
I was sent to accomplish an important mission.

Upon completion,
I was supposed to return,
To my point of origination.

But if you’re receiving this transmission,
My bod didn’t arrive;
It disintegrated upon submission.

My mind did survive,
Because, it presently resides,
In another world’s dimension.

By: ElRoy © 2019

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Reading In Darkness

You heard of me,
And you were curious,
About the magical,
Writing skills that I possess.

It gave you pleasure to think,
That you could be,
Just like the swanky poets,
Who are always following me.

You let me seduce you,
With my charming rhymes,
And destroy your morality.

I didn’t have to touch you,
To get inside your head.
I’m already everybody’s idol,
And soon, you’ll also be,
Another grateful dead.

By: ElRoy © 2017