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The Conversation

Mr. Sunshine: Was today so bad?

Gloomy: It was terrible!

Mr. Sunshine: Well, the day’s almost over.

Gloomy: What do you mean?

Mr. Sunshine: When you wake up in the morning, it will be a new day, and you will get to do it all over again.

Gloomy: That doesn’t guarantee, that I’m going to feel any better?

Mr. Sunshine: Well, that’s a chance, I’m willing to take!

By: Elroy 2019

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Man begins as a spiritual being. He visits a physical sphere and is obliged to “become attached to it”. Eventually he is compelled to let it go, because he is just passing through. Life is a series of progressive phases: First: Discovery, Second: Love, Third: Enlightenment, and finally Fourth: Separation Anxiety! By: ElRoy 2019

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My Gift To The World

I don’t know if my poetry is good enough, or if anybody will be motivated to do better, by having known me. But that’s as good as I can make it, right now. I’m too old, to imagine, that the perfect verse is just around the corner–when I’ve already been around the block hundreds of times. So here I go again, one more time. By: Elroy 2019

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The Poems Don’t Stop Coming

The father asked his boy: “son, what will it take to make you happy?” And he replied: “I really don’t know anymore, you see once you open the flood gates, it doesn’t stop until it all runs out!” And as a poet, I could relate, because the poems don’t stop coming. I just wish they were happy ones, instead of sad songs about you. By: ElRoy 2019

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Hollow Man

When you are hollow in the inside, any external pressure will cause your soul to cave in. But, If you have substance in the inside, you will be able to withstand the pressures of life. So do you chase after shallow interests, that leave you exhausted but unfulfilled, or do you seek to find a meaningful purpose for your existence? By: ElRoy 2019