The Ends Do Not Justify The Means

“It’s not moral,
If you had to lie,
To get it.

It’s not ethical,
If you had to cheat,
To get it.

It’s not legal,
If you had to steal,
To get it.”

Spanish Translation

“No es moral,
Si tuviste que mentirle a alguien,
Para conseguirlo.

No es ético,
Si tuviste que engañar a alguien,
Para conseguirlo.

No es legal,
Si tuviste que robar a alguien,
Para conseguirlo.”

Por: ElRoy, 2020

“The truth is, it’s hard to detect what level our values are on. This is because we tell ourselves all sorts of elaborate stories to justify what we want. A gambling addict will compulsively pursue the thrills of making and losing money, but in his head, he’s invented a convincing story about how he’s going to win everything back and show everyone he’s not a loser (adolescent bargaining) or that he’s actually doing this for the good of his family (adult virtue). It’s clear, then, that we can’t trust our own interpretations of our actions. There’s a small mountain of psychological evidence to support this: we feel something first, then we justify it later with some story we tell ourselves. And that story is usually highly biased and vastly overestimates how noble and selfless we were.
Therefore, we must learn to distrust our thoughts. We must become skeptical of the interpretations of our own actions. Instead, we must focus on the actions themselves. Thoughts can lie. Interpretations can be changed or forgotten. But actions are permanent. Therefore, the only way to get at your values—to truly understand what you value and what you do not—is to observe your actions.” By: Mark Manson, 2018

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