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Addicted To Promises

Even though, I have suffered from hangovers hundreds of times,
I always end up telling myself in the morning:
“I will never binge again”.
Because the pain is unbearable!

But in the evening, when I start feeling melancholy,
I conveniently forget the promise, I made to myself,
And eventually, I breakdown and give in to my habits.
At first, I tell myself:
“There is no guilt, there is no shame”,
If you only indulge in one, and then, don’t do it again.

But just like eating potato chips, I can’t have just one.
My brain begins to tell me:
“Have another, just one more”,
And promises to me:
That ‘tomorrow’s hangover’, this time, won’t be so bad!
But hides from me, the reality,
That ‘tomorrow’s good day’, isn’t guaranteed.

By: ElRoy © 2018

Commentary: “Desire is much more powerful than pain.” When we’re feeling exhausted and our resistance levels are down, we can deceive ourselves into believing that we deserve a little illicit fun in our lives. But there’s a reason, why it’s call a guilty pleasure; you will be punished for it. It could be immediately or become a long-term addiction that effects you and your loved ones.


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Yoyo Liberty

Sometimes you let me,
And Soar!

Other times,
You grasp me,
In your fist,
So that I can’t,

By: ElRoy © 2019

Comment: We all see freedom differently. Your interpretation is smothering me!

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I wish somebody would love me,
I wish that somebody was you.
I wish somebody would love me,
I wish I could be happy too.
I wish somebody would love me,
Just a little bit would do.
Since you don’t care about me,
I’ll have to get even with everybody.
And if nobody wants to love me,
I’ll be unlovable too.

By: ElRoy © 2019

Notes: 6 key signs you’re doing it.
1. Low self-esteem: “Just a little bit would do”.
2. Argumentative: “Since you don’t care”
3. Procrastination: “I wish somebody would”
4. Feeling fraudulent: “I’ll have to get even”
5. Overindulgence: “I wish I could be happy too”
6. Self-sabotage: “I’ll be unlovable too”

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Going Against The Current

In the River of Life,

Love seldom flows upstream,

You must paddle.

By: ElRoy © 2019

Commentary: I have a big heart because I have a big family; it’s easy to love your children. However, it’s hard to love your spouse, it’s harder to love your parents/siblings and it’s the hardest to love your neighbor. The reason Jesus said to love one another is because that’s the purpose for our existence and how we can receive our greatest joy. But if you don’t have somebody to love–you’ll have to work very hard–to fill that void. I wish it was easier, you will shed many tears and I hope nobody breaks your heart; I will be praying for you.