Near Miss

In the last 5 years, I’ve been driving to and from work. My regular route takes me down the same path every day. That I’m a creature of habit, is an understatement. Normally when I leave work at 5 pm, I must cross a busy intersection. First, I cross 2 incoming lanes and then I pull into 2 outgoing lanes on the other side. I always maneuver over to the far lane, in order to turn right into the highway’s access road. I always check the incoming lanes first and then the outgoing lanes second before entering the intersection. But today I was drowsy–I didn’t sleep well last night, because lately, I’ve been worrying about a family member. Consequently, I checked the traffic in reverse, and instead of pulling into the far lane, I chose the inside lane. I thank my lucky stars that I did, because just as I pulled in, a white SUV zoomed pass me on the far lane. Needless to say, my heart started racing, because I hadn’t noticed it approaching. If I’d pulled into the far lane like I always do, or if the speedster had been on the inside lane, it would’ve been a fatal error for both of us, because I drive a gray Truck. The driver was in a hurry and I watched as the car sped into the highway and eventually disappear. It’s apparent to me, that the mental anguish that I suffered, didn’t even cross the other driver’s mind. I’m glad that I didn’t cause an accident, because it would’ve been solely my fault.

Our lives are a series of near misses and we never know when we’ll become another statistic. Everyday we must count our many blessings. I’m thankful for the time, I have left on this earth to reach out to you and hopefully–together we can still make a difference in our communities.

By: ElRoy 2020

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  1. Yes anxiety I’m sure can be stressful I thank God whenever I go through tuff circumstances and brings me out of them . Glad you were ok


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