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Yoyo Liberty

Sometimes you let me,
And Soar!

Other times,
You grasp me,
In your fist,
So that I can’t,

By: ElRoy © 2019

Comment: We all see freedom differently. Your interpretation is smothering me!

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Earth Protection Services

I’m the Captain of a team of First Responders.
I’m a member of an Elite Security Force.

Our duty is to protect and defend,
The planet from alien invasions.

In the remote chance that you are attacked,
Our Space Rangers will not hesitate,
To blow the space pirates,
And their spaceships out of the galaxy.

Our arsenal includes:
The most technologically advanced,
Next-gen rockets and impenetrable shields.

Your citizens need not fear,
Because we have a fleet of spacecraft carriers,
Armed and ready, looking down on you.

We offer protection to the nations of the world.
All you must do, is contribute, only ten percent,
Of your verifiable GDP for the earth’s well-being.

But, don’t be late with your allotted investment.
Because our extraterrestrials won’t hesitate,
In coming down, to collect it.

By: ElRoy © 2019

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The cure for bad religion is no religion, whatsoever.
We can’t have man-made ideologies and philosophies,
Constantly causing havoc to our established social norms.

The remedy for hate rhetoric is politically correct speech.
You need to keep your opinions to yourself;
Nobody is interested in what others have to say, anyway.

The alternative for fake news is a trusted government press.
That way it’s anti-propaganda, minimal information,
And on a need to know basis only, for our citizens in good standing.

The solution for disruptive activism is to not authorize assembly,
For the petitioning of the state in the first place.
Squash grievances before they escalate into protests, I always say.

The resolution for a quarrelsome two-party political system,
Is to consolidate it into one huge party,
Everybody should be on the same page as the speaker of the houses!

The cooler for civil disobedience is more governmental controls,
Enhanced with citizen watch patrols, of course.
Because if you can’t assimilate, don’t you forfeit your freedoms?

By: ElRoy © 2019

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Propaganda Games

If you promote racism,
It grows.
If you accept racism,
It grows.
If you neglect racism,
It grows;
And hate rhetoric wins.

If you promote respect,
It grows.
If you accept respect,
It grows.
If you neglect respect,
It dies;
And hate rhetoric wins, again!

Do you want to play,
One last time?
If you win,
You’ll get a Bonus Round!
Ready Player One?
Genocide Mode:
Do or Die.

Public Domain 2020

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If you want to live forever,
Get your insurance right here?
We’ve got hospitals, therapists,
And miracle pills, too.

We can cure you,
Even make you better, than before.
Don’t worry, I’ll lower your deductible,
And you can keep your doctor, too.

If you want prosperity?
If you want to be respected,
And admired by your peers?
If you want to go, straight to heaven?

Donate right here,
And streets of gold, diamonds and pearls,
Will be your reward,
For your blind faith in me.

If you want to protect your family,
Invest in their future, right here?
And everybody will adore you,
Especially me.

If you want world peace,
Security and protection?
Lower taxes guaranteed, if you vote for me?
And safe and sound, you’ll sleep tonight!

Whatever you want,
Whatever you’re looking for,
You can get it, right here and right now,
At your user-friendly dollar store.

By: ElRoy © 2019