All My Rhymes Are Lame

Don’t disrespect your teacher,
and don’t believe the hype.
You will have a jelly brain,
if you fall for all of them.

Stay in school and don’t drop out,
Unless you want to end up
With peanut butter on your mind.

Spanish Translation

No faltes al respeto a tu maestro,
y no te creas el bombo.
Tendrás un cerebro de jalea,
si crees en todo eso.

Permanece en la escuela
y no la abandones,
a menos que quieras terminar
con mantequilla de cacahuete en la mente.

Por: ElRoyPoet © 2018

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How to master your emotions

This is why you feel the way you feel

“All human activity is prompted by desire. There is a wholly fallacious theory advanced by some earnest moralists to the effect that it is possible to resist desire in the interests of duty and moral principle. I say this is fallacious, not because no man ever acts from a sense of duty, but because duty has no hold on him unless he desires to be dutiful. If you wish to know what men will do, you must know not only, or principally, their material circumstances, but rather the whole system of their desires with their relative strengths.” Excerpt from The Four Desires Driving All Human Behavior

“The intersection of two contemporary storytelling forms, captured perfectly in HBO’s adaptation of the video game The Last of Us, shows how our ancient drive to tell stories continues to evolve. The key innovation in video games is that you, traditionally the viewer, enact the narrative. When done properly, you feel the consequences of the actions you take. Video game technology will continue to open up entirely new dimensions for storytelling.” Excerpt from “The Last of Us” shows how technology has changed humans as storytellers

“Ignorance breeds fear. We fear those things we don’t understand. If we don’t put a lid on that fear and keep that fear in check, that fear in turn will breed hatred because we hate those things that frighten us. “If we don’t keep that hatred in check, that hatred in turn will breed destruction.” By: Daryl Davis

“When a man cannot introspectively confront his negative thoughts and emotions, he will always be conquered by them, communicating without composure and hurting all those whom he loves.” Quote paraphrased from “Battle Cry” By: Jason Wilson

“You already know enough. So do I. It is not knowledge we lack. What is missing is the courage to understand what we know and to draw conclusions.” By: Sven Lindqvist

“Beware of those who weep with realization, for they have realized nothing.” By: Carlos Casteñeda

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