Splatter On The Wall

There are so many thoughts,
In the mosh pit of my heart.
Shoving and pushing,
Refusing to keep apart.

Trying to command:
“All Your Attention!”
By forcing their way,
To the front.

They have no manners,
They don’t take turns.
Since they have different beliefs,
They can’t get along.

Every time a Nobel thought,
Tries to make a peace offering.
The jealous one’s revolt,
And gang up on it.

And if a Moral thought,
Attempts to escape.
They form a Rock and Roll band,
Called: “Search And Destroy”.

I hope the Decent thoughts,
That still remain,
Will soon find a way,
To defeat that old dinosaur brain.

Before those last Good intentions,
That stayed behind,
Become extincted,
And forgotten in my past.

By: ElRoy © 2019

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