Earth Protection Services

I’m the Captain of a team of First Responders.
I’m a member of an Elite Security Force.

Our duty is to protect and defend,
The planet from alien invasions.

In the remote chance that you are attacked,
Our Space Rangers will not hesitate,
To blow the space pirates,
And their spaceships out of the galaxy.

Our arsenal includes:
The most technologically advanced,
Next-gen rockets and impenetrable shields.

Your citizens need not fear,
Because we have a fleet of spacecraft carriers,
Armed and ready, looking down on you.

We offer protection to the nations of the world.
All you must do, is contribute, only ten percent,
Of your verifiable GDP for the earth’s well-being.

But, don’t be late with your allotted investment.
Because our extraterrestrials won’t hesitate,
In coming down, to collect it.

By: ElRoyPoet © 2019

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