I Already Gave At The Office

Don’t ask me to contribute to the United Way,
We’re not united at all in this,
Because I give way more than you do.

Don’t ask me to do my fair share,
Because my share is many times more than yours,
I’m obviously not getting a fair shake on this deal.

Since I pay a whole lot more taxes than you,
Shouldn’t I also be entitled,
To a whole lot more government benefits too?

Or better yet, let’s just even out the playing field,
By making it a flat tax for everyone,
And deny welfare to anyone!

Let the churches and nonprofits support the needy.
After all, aren’t they getting away,
Without having to pay taxes in the first place?

Concept by: Lou © 2019 (edited by: ElRoy)

Humanist Opinion: It’s not equal giving, it’s equal participation! Only a jingoist thinks he’s better than his brother or sister because he has more talents and likewise deserves a better lifestyle then the rest.

Bible Commentary: A just father loves his son and daughter and gives to each what is necessary for them to become all they can be. He doesn’t punish the one that is lacking and blames him or her for their shortcomings, but loves them even more and does all he can to improve their lot in life.

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