The Addiction Trap

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This message is so powerful! We’re set free from addictions when we don’t put our trust in the flesh (our strength); only when we recognize that we’re weak (no willpower), will we be able to overcome.
You might have read the title and said to yourself, I’m not going to waste my time reading an article that isn’t going to make a difference in my life, because it probably won’t deliver as promised. Obviously, if the author didn’t think it would benefit the reader, he wouldn’t have invested hours in editing it. I have studied this topic extensively, read many books and viewed countless videos; this is the best description of a complex problem and the simplest solution, I have discovered to date. However, if you would rather just see the video, than read my summary (I won’t be offended), please click on the link above.
We all have a cross to bear. It might range from a bad habit all the way up to a full-blown addiction. So, what do you do when you’re tempted? The only way, to get out of the prompting, is to flee from it! Running away from temptation, also goes hand-in-hand with not placing yourself in that predicament next time, because you can’t fight the urge forever, eventually your resistance will wear down. Always beware of your surroundings and the people you interact with, because the path you take, might lead you to a confrontation.
The fact of the matter is that the forces of attraction are very strong. Don’t trust yourself or anyone else in this arena, after all you’re a mere mortal. Don’t place your confidence in the flesh, because it will always let you down. Realize that it’s a vicious cycle: First–you’re triggered (a thought, appetite, loneliness…), Second–you become over-confident by believing you can resist, Third–you give-in to the temptation (here we go again). The best thing to do—is seek help from a partner, someone you trust, who you can be accountable to. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help; it will turn your world around.
Sin and Guilt
In conclusion, when you fail (because you will), do not condemn yourself for your over-indulgences. Don’t try to change, how you will overcome your addictions, by reverting to old willpower tactics or by implementing new extreme measures. Nothing else works, just forgive yourself and return to your original plan (flee from temptation). Eventually, you will get better at it (the more you practice running), and one day soon you’ll become empowered and leave it (addictions) far behind.

Excerpts from a video by: Joseph Prince – Breaking Porn Addiction Through Grace – 29 May 2011 (Edited and condensed for context and clarity by: ElRoy, 2020)

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