Patriot Games

If you promote racism,
It grows.
If you accept racism,
It grows.
If you neglect racism,
It grows;
And hate rhetoric wins.

If you promote respect,
It grows.
If you accept respect,
It grows.
If you neglect respect,
It dies;
And hate rhetoric wins, again!

Do you want to play,
One last time?
If you win,
You’ll get a Bonus Round!
Ready Player One?
Genocide Mode:
Do or Die.

By: ElRoyPoet © 2019

Opinion: Sooner or later everybody ends up on the same playing field. What’s really going on in the minds of the patriots, christian nationalist and republicans is that they’re hoping that if they keep Trump in office, long enough, he’ll eventually be able to eradicate the socialist democrats, black lives matter marxist, the minorities, immigrants and deviants who keep gaming government social programs, because the fear in their hearts has triggered hate for whomever Trump frames as unpatriotic. How will the president do that? Extradition, segregation, reeducation, there are too many citizens in prison, already, it’s impossible! Or are they hoping, for America to become a fascist nation by inciting the Alt-right mob to start a campaign of terror? But there’s a drawback, to this diabolical plan, because when martial law kicks in the door, you can kiss all your constitutional protections goodbye. I repeat, if you or the national guard mess up, there’s no civil rights defense!
For a government, to facilitate the detainment of undesirable groups, it has to suspend the constitutional protections of the infected community. But here’s the danger with this scenario, can you trust them to lift martial law, after they’ve completed the round-up, or will they make the pretense, that it’s not safe, yet? History tells us that after the citizens surrender their civil rights, chances are they ain’t getting them back.

Spanish Translation

Juegos Nacionalistas

Si promueves el racismo,
Si aceptas el racismo,
Si descuidas el racismo,
Y la retórica de odio ganara.

Si promueves el respeto,
Si aceptas el respeto,
Si descuidas el respeto,
Allí muere.
¡Y la retórica de odio gana, otra vez!

¿Quieres jugar,
Una última vez?
¡Si ganas,
Obtendrás otra Ronda!
¿Listo Jugador Uno?
Modo Genocida:
Hazlo o Muere.

Por: ElRoyPoet © 2019

“Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.” Por: Benito Juárez, 1867

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