I don’t do anything on my own.
There’s a reason for my investment,
in what I’m trying to get.

Everything that attracts me,
has a hook.

I’m just a fish,
Trying to get what I want
and hoping not to get hooked.

For my heart will sink,
If I’m dragged away by a line.
I don’t do anything on my own.

Spanish Translation

No hago nada por mi cuenta.
Hay una razón por mi interés,
en lo que quiero conseguir.

Todo lo que me atrae,
tiene una trampa.

Sólo soy un pez,
con la esperanza
de obtener lo que quiero
y no engancharme.

Porque mi corazón se hundirá,
Si me arrastra una cuerda.
No hago nada por mi cuenta.

Por: ElRoyPoet © 2021

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How Inflation Precipitates Societal Collapse

“Who is good, if he knows not who he is? And who knows what he is, if he forgets that things which have been made are perishable, and that it is not possible for one human being to be with another always?”

Spanish Translation

“¿Quién es bueno, si no sabe quién es? ¿Y quién sabe lo que es, si olvida que las cosas que se han hecho—perecerán, y que no es posible que un ser humano esté siempre con otro?”

Excerpt from Epictetus on Love and Loss: The Stoic Strategy for Surviving Heartbreak

“Beware of those who weep with realization, for they have realized nothing.” By: Carlos Casteñeda

“In every encounter, we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” By: Brennan Manning

“People are mistaken when they feel their lives are meaningless. The error is based on their failure to recognize what does matter, instead of becoming overly focused on what they believe is missing from their existence.” By: Iddo Landau

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” By: Mahatma Gandhi

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