Fellow Travelers

If you are traveling in the same direction as the devil—you are in collusion with him—because you both have the same destination in mind. It does not matter, if you have an alternate point of view, in the end it all comes down to the same conclusion. Even if you eventually come to your senses, and try to turn yourself and your neighbor around, it will be too late, because you will be on a collision course with his followers, and now you will be going against the flow. So the hate club, will instinctively impede you from moving freely, and if you arouse their suspicion, the mob will run you over.

By: ElRoyPoet, 2021

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Listen to the Long Black Train song by: Josh Turner

“There are lots of stops on the Trump train line to fascism before you get to the Hitler station.” Quote from There’s a Word for What Trumpism Is Becoming

“Donald Trump may no longer be president, but the American people are still stuck in a state of malignant normality that his presidency brought into being. Psychologist John Gartner describes such a state of being this way: Malignant normality is when a malignantly narcissistic leader takes control of society and gradually changes reality for everyone else. So their crazy internal reality becomes enacted in the lived true external reality of that society. This is how a leader can come in and change the mores of their society.” Excerpt from Josh Hawley’s Orwellian “Love America Act” and the fascist campaign to rewrite history

People tend to have different identities and loyalties to different things. Simultaneously, a person can be patriotic to the nation, loyal to family, profession, humankind, truth etc. When a person has different identities and loyalties, it gets complicated for the person to prioritize among them. Being loyal to one might mean, at times one has to let go of other.
Fascism is when people ignore these conflicts and try to make life very simple and easy. Fascism makes people ignore other identities and to believe that one has utmost obligations to the nation. One’s nation is supreme and one has exclusive obligations to it. If the nation demands that one must sacrifice one’s life, family, deny truth, or that to kill 1000 people of other nationality, one obliges to these demands. Nation can here be replaced by religion, race, parties, classes and others.
Excerpt from: Why do people fall for Fascism and how to escape it?

Read America’s right-wing political monsters are real—and they are coming for you

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