From Aspirin To Acid Trip

The first time I had a headache,
I didn’t want to be bothered in finding out,
why I had a headache,
so I took an aspirin.

The second time I got a headache,
instead of finding out,
why I was still having migraines,
I became annoyed
and I took something stronger.

The third time I got a headache,
instead of taking an ibuprofen,
I took an opiate and became addicted.

Now, my life has been turned upside down
and I have to take medicine to cure me
from this addiction,

when all I had to do in the beginning
was change my lifestyle
and my little headache
would’ve gone away.

Oh how I wish,
I still had that annoying headache,
instead of this blood thirsty addiction
that’s killing me.

By: ElRoyPoet © 2021

What causes migraine attacks? Researchers haven’t identified a definitive cause for migraine. But they still believe the condition is due to “abnormal” brain activity that affects nerve signaling, and chemicals and blood vessels in the brain.
There are also many migraine triggers that are continually reported, including:
bright lights, loud sounds
severe heat, or other extremes in weather
changes in barometric pressure
hormone changes in people assigned female at birth
excess stress
intense physical activity
skipping meals
changes in sleep patterns
use of certain medications
unusual smells, pet odors
certain foods
smoking, alcohol use
If you experience a migraine attack, try to keep a headache journal. Writing down what you were doing, what foods you ate, and what medications you took before your migraine attack began can help identify your triggers.

The Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery: Letting Go of Who You’ve Been for Who You Can Become

Commentary: The addict remembers the positive experiences associated with the drug or activity, and in times of stress this motivates the individual to take the substance or repeat the behavior. Ironically, his family remembers the negative experiences, the suffering, and the fear that the abuse will never stop.
“You often hear that pot leads to harder drugs. But I think alcohol is what leads you to everything, because it takes away the fear. The worst drug experimentation, I ever did was because I was drunk, and didn’t care.” By: Chris Cornell, Frontman for the Soundgarden Rock Band (1964-2017)
Addicts want something after they have ceased liking it, even if they realize it’s harmful effects. Addicts tell their doctors: “I hate this drug and it doesn’t even give me much of a high anymore. It is just that somehow it seems like I can’t be without it. And I keep hoping that my next high will be a good one, like my mind remembers, it was in the beginning!”
The brain is tricking the addict. The reason the high was so good in the beginning, was because it was medicine for whatever illness was afflicting the subject (stress, anxiety, depression). Now he has a different condition (addiction) and consequently a different therapy is required.

How to Disarm Internal Triggers of Distractions

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