I do what I can, so that I will be liked.
Everybody wants attention, but not in every detail,
just the ones, that I’m not ashamed of.

I try to make myself presentable.
I put my best foot forward,
and hope that you won’t see
the other one—that’s lagging behind.

I can’t change your mind,
I can only choose to accept you.

If I reject you, it’s not because of you,
it’s my shortcoming, it’s my fault,
it’s my inadequacy, it’s because—
I’ve been struggling
with that same repugnant trait all along.

It’s easy to have empathy for someone,
because you feel sorry for them,
But it’s easier to hate a bully or a bigot.

I’m not Jesus, I can’t love you like that!

By: Anonymous

Opinion: An inferiority complex holds a superiority complex in contempt and if the superior presses the subordinate in order to improve him, the subordinate will only hate the superior even more because of the superior’s condescending tone. In other words: “don’t even think about talking down to me, especially since your fluency is the main reason, why I’m still being oppressed!”

“Yes, there are problems, I agree. There are great problems. Life is such a hell. Misery is there, poverty is there, violence is there, all kinds of madnesses are afloat, that’s true—but still, I insist the problem arises in the individual soul. The problem is there because individuals are in chaos. The total chaos is nothing but a combined phenomenon: we have all poured our chaos into it. The world is nothing but a relationship; we are related with each other. If I am neurotic and you are neurotic, then the relationship will be even more neurotic—it is multiplied, not just doubled. And everybody is neurotic; hence, the world is neurotic. The beginning has to be with you: You are the ‘world problem.’ So don’t avoid the reality of your inner world—that is the first thing.” By: Osho

“In every encounter, we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” By: Brennan Manning

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