A False Sense Of Security

Values voters are afraid of immigrants, minorities, addicts, deviants and convicts and as a result are willing to tolerate a low level of police brutality and high incarceration rates in order to feel safe in their communities. Conservatives wish they could return to an earlier time in white American history, when neighborhood watch patrols weren’t necessary—that’s why astute republican politicians pretending to be populists, hawk the “MAGA” campaign slogan.
However due to the low morale of officers, deputies and their corrupt union leaders, society believes that these government agencies aren’t keeping up with their side of the bargain. Despite how much of the tax-payer’s money is spent on these “law and order” initiatives and the pro-police rhetoric coming from their elected officials—the state of affairs still appear to be deteriorating fast. Consequently the patriots have become cynical and no longer have any faith, that their country’s political culture will ever turn around. Disturbingly the public is approaching the point of desperation, where they are willing to turn their back on democracy and replace it with a police state. By: ElRoyPoet, 2022

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety. By: Benjamin Franklin

“Only a fool believes that draconian laws, don’t turn liberty into tyranny.” By: B. Bondsman

“First, note how important the qualifiers are: essential Liberty, a little Safety, and temporary at that. Sure, once you put it that way, who but a fool would give up something ‘essential’ to get ‘a little temporary’ something else. Indeed, once we label something ‘essential,’ that itself is an assertion that we shouldn’t be giving it up (at least unless we get something even more essential in exchange). One can just as well say, Those who would give up essential Safety, to purchase a little temporary Liberty, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. After all, if the safety is really that essential, how could we reasonably give it up just to get a little temporary something else (even something as important as liberty)?” Excerpt from Liberty, safety, and Benjamin Franklin

“One of the challenges that violent extremists have is how to expand their base of support. If they don’t expand their support base, they just remain fringe movements forever. One way is to provoke a harsh government response. Let’s say that there are peaceful protests, but then there are provocateurs there who try to get the police to open fire or to bash a few heads. Violence entrepreneurs will use those actions as evidence that the police or the government or the opposition are evil and intent on crushing them.
That tactic is often successful in radicalizing at least some portion of average citizens. It pushes them towards the extremists. Donald Trump is what I would describe as an “ethnic entrepreneur.” He and his loyalists want to regain power. He is an autocrat. Trump has no interest in ruling democratically. But Trump is not going to get that power back without the support of the average white American. This means that Donald Trump has to convince them somehow that his is a worthy cause to defend.” Excerpt from Political warlord Trump now targets his enemies—and Mitch is first on the list

Commentary: Sooner or later everybody ends up fighting the same battles. What’s really going on in the minds of the patriots, christian nationalist and maga republicans is that they’re hoping that if they keep the dark MAGA movement going, they’ll eventually be able to eradicate the socialist democrats, black lives matter marxist, the minorities, immigrants, refugees and deviants who keep gaming government social programs, because the fear in their hearts has triggered hate mongering for whomever trump frames as unpatriotic. How will they do that? Extradition, segregation, re-education, there are too many citizens in prison, already, it’s impossible! Or are they hoping, for America to become a fascist nation by inciting the alt-right mob to start a campaign of terror? But there’s a drawback, to this diabolical plan, because when martial law kicks in the door, you can kiss all your constitutional protections goodbye. I repeat, if you or the police state mess up, there’s no civil rights defense!
For a government, to facilitate the detainment of undesirable groups, it has to suspend the constitutional protections of the infected community. But here’s the danger with this scenario, can you trust them to lift martial law, after they’ve completed the round-up, or will they use the pretense, that it’s not safe, yet? History tells us that after the citizens surrender their civil rights, chances are they ain’t getting them back.

Pessimism: A belief that this world is as bad as it could be or that evil will ultimately prevail over good.

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