Fear Mongering

What is happening in America today? Is it counter-culture or the same old culture-wars, your prideful heart can’t seem to suppress? Don’t you know that when you take the low road, you end up paying the high toll. Just because road rage is public opinion. Does it mean you have to re-enact it? There’s bad opinions and then there’s bad decisions. Don’t let them trigger your emotions. Does affluent society want more law and order because it needs more peace or because it’s blood thirsty and wants more revenge? Remember two wrongs don’t make you right.

By: ElRoyPoet, 2022

“They Hate America!” – Weaponizing Patriotism

How to spot high-conflict people before it’s too late

Who is the Author of ‘Good’; based on that standard, humanity has a reference point for all their deeds, whether right or wrong. Atheists resist this and Agnostics are confused, but the universal truth is that “Good” proves there is a God, because that attribute comes wholly from Him. Excerpt from “The Moral Argument” Video Transcript

You reap what you sow. If you plant onions you will harvest onions. So, don’t be expecting any sweet tomatoes if you didn’t plant any! Likewise, if you are prideful, you obviously won’t be getting any kindness in return.

Commentary: You can’t claim temporary insanity or road rage. If you have the genetic capability to let common sense go and do atrocious things that give you pleasure, you can’t claim that you are no longer able to apply the breaks because the governor in your brain is not willing. All it means, is that you’re willing to forfeit your liberty and the freedoms of others just so that you can experience that high, buzz or adrenaline rush, whatever, right now.

“Do we—do we liberals—want to accept that? If we do, we accept, though perhaps without knowing it, the claim that democracy is unsustainable, which brings us back to accepting the view of status-quo elites who are already engaged in war by other means.
Liberals believe democracy is sustainable. They believe freedom is a birthright. They believe individuals born with inalienable rights. They believe the government should maximize opportunity and minimize suffering. So liberals must reject the definition of politics as war by other means and replace it with something constructive, creative and liberating. Fortunately, the president is modeling that.
In his historic paradigm-shifting speech earlier this month, Joe Biden said, rightly, that ‘democracy endures only if … we the people see politics, not as total war, but the mediation of our differences.’ Politics, in other words, is how democracies solve their collective problems.
So we should oppose anyone who wants to ‘keep politics out of it.’ We should fight, using politics, those who depoliticize politics.
Excerpt from The problem isn’t that Ron DeSantis is politicizing immigration. It’s that he’s depoliticizing it

“In every encounter, we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” By: Brennan Manning

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” By: Mahatma Gandhi

“Anger and intolerance are the twin enemies of correct understanding.” By: Mahatma Gandhi

“Ignorance breeds fear. We fear those things we don’t understand. If we don’t put a lid on that fear and keep that fear in check, that fear in turn will breed hatred because we hate those things that frighten us. “If we don’t keep that hatred in check, that hatred in turn will breed destruction.” By: Daryl Davis

“The devil will remind you over and over again, of your past. Because he knows, that the day you stop feeling sorry for yourself, he has no future with you. Holding on to old grudges will not remove the pain in your brain. Only Jesus can transform your life, if you allow him into your heart.” By: ElRoyPoet

“Beware of those who weep with realization, for they have realized nothing.” By: Carlos Casteñeda

“You already know enough. So do I. It is not knowledge we lack. What is missing is the courage to understand what we know and to draw conclusions.” By: Sven Lindqvist

How could private racism get public racist Tucker Carlson fired at Fox?

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