Dark Stories

You heard of me,
And you were curious,
Of the magical,
Writing skills that I possess.

It gave you pleasure to think,
That you could be,
Just like the swanky poets,
Who are always following me.

You let me seduce you,
With my charming rhymes,
And destroy your morality.

I didn’t have to touch you,
To get inside your mind.
I’m already everybody’s idol,
And soon, you’ll also be,
Another grateful dead.

By: ElRoyPoet © 2017

Commentary: People who like horror movies have experienced pain or bullying in their youth and in their adult years enjoy seeing others punished from a safe distance, whether by reading books or any other vicarious experience. In other words, they have become cold-blooded and its payback time–it’s a form of revenge. They have become numb to sympathy, because when they were young the trauma inflicted on them caused them to shutdown emotionally as a self-defense mechanism. This is the only way they can feel any type of victory over their post-loser emotions, that let them down when they were young. And like a drug addict, they have an overwhelming desire to become winners now, by seeking higher doses of gratuitous entertainment and more often. Another attribute to this person is selfishness and thrill-seeker because he believes he was deprived of it when young. As a point of reference, people who hate horror rate high in empathy, because she has a big heart and it hurts her to see pain inflicted, because in her mind that equates to innocent people suffering.

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