There’s an App for That

I sit in front of my computer,
Rearranging words.
And searching for motivational pictures,
I can post on my social page.

Hoping someone will read them,
And click on a like.
Or better yet, click on my heart,
So I’ll know, when someone cares.

Most of the time,
Nobody writes a comment.
I guess noone really wants to–
Get to know me.

I’ve been posting for sometime,
And still haven’t made many friends.
All I have is a handful of old ones,
Mostly acquaintances and family,
Who’ve accepted my pity friend request.

I feel like, I’m only practicing,
For the day I become famous.
But, deep down I know,
I am just writing, on a digital diary,
For my eyes only.

Sometimes I read others’ posts,
And notice, how theirs resemble mine.
Other times, I’m jealous of the celebrities,
Who have lots of followers,
While I only have some.

Funny, I never knew I was lonely,
Or felt like, I needed any attention,
Until I got hooked on this app!

Anonymous 2019

Commentary: If you possess an addictive personality–you’re in luck–because there’s probably an app or appliance readily available for that. In our modern consumer driven world, it is very hard to overcome addictions, because there will always be a market for vice (internet entertainment, gaming, gambling, shopping, social, and the list goes on). For the addict to overcome his poison of choice, the addiction must become more trouble than it’s worth, it must become an illicit drug and the addict must transition from loving his master to hating it.

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