There’s an App for That

I sit in front of my computer,
Rearranging words.
And searching for motivational pictures,
I can post on my social page.

Hoping someone will read them,
And click on a like.
Or better yet, click on my heart,
So I’ll know, when someone cares.

Most of the time,
Nobody writes a comment.
I guess noone really wants to–
Get to know me.

I’ve been posting for sometime,
And still haven’t made many friends.
All I have is a handful of old ones,
Mostly acquaintances and family,
Who’ve accepted my pity friend request.

I feel like, I’m only practicing,
For the day I become famous.
But, deep down I know,
I am just writing, on a digital diary,
For my eyes only.

Sometimes I read others’ posts,
And notice, how theirs resemble mine.
Other times, I’m jealous of the celebrities,
Who have lots of followers,
While I only have some.

Funny, I never knew I was lonely,
Or felt like, I needed any attention,
Until I got hooked on this app!

Anonymous 2019

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