Hard Love

I know the truth,
And you know the truth,
For it is global and universal.
So why are you relentless,
In your vain pursuits?
You cannot disprove it!
I will not lie to you–anymore,
Even though,
You will have cause to hate me.
It is true–
The truth will hurt me more than you,
In the beginning, but not in the end.
And if in protest,
You lie, cheat and steal–
It still won’t make, all that pretending real.
I know, it’s not what you want to hear,
But do not imagine you can change it.
It is right–it does not need your blessing!
The Laws of Nature cannot be broken,
And if you try, you will break–into pieces–
Like so many have before.
It does not do me any good,
To tell you this,
When I see the quiver, in your lower lip.
So, when you accept,
That God is real,
Your eyes will shine: For Truth Revealed!
But if you choose to resist,
And fight it to the bitter end,
I–will–be sad, when I miss you.

By: ElRoy © 2017

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