Time Traveler

Time Traveler

Today, is my yesterday’s tomorrow,
I know, for it’s written on my calendar.
And all those memories from the past,
The good ones, I want to keep,
But the bad ones;
Oh, how I want to lose them!

So, I keep going to my past,
I have done it countless times.
I keep hoping there’s a chance,
For my tomorrow to improve,
But when I return to the future,
It never does!

For time and all eternity,
Is the Law we must obey.
And this is how it works:
Every time you return to yesterday,
You erase all those new memories,
You had written for today.

You see, I can remember yesterday,
But I can’t remember my tomorrow.
And every time, I go to the past,
My future must be re-written.
Even though, I’m a Time Traveler,
The Law gets in the way.

My tomorrow is coming for me fast,
I did my best; I can’t make it any better!
The future will still find me, as I am,
And I’m too tired, to return, again.
So, I guess, I’ll go wait for it,
At the gate.

By: ElRoyPoet © 2019

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