Cat Play

I went with my daughter, to New York city, to see a play.
It was one of those long running shows, off-Broadway.
I waited and waited in line, while thinking, oh drats,
Why would anyone, want to see a musical, about cats?
The actors were loud, and the musicians were louder,
I thought to myself, why would anybody even bother?
After a while, the actors began to amuse me with dance,
However to stay in character, they would mostly prance.
They were wearing tap shoes and doing a jig,
And even had an Elvis Invoker, to finish it big!
Now I see, why this show has become, such a success,
When it comes to entertaining people, cats are simply the best.

By: ElRoy © 2017

Critic’s review: I’m a dog person, and it could’ve been better, if it had been a musical about man’s best friend, but, it probably would’ve been boring.

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