Smooth Operator

With one poem you won my heart,
And I stayed with you,
Because I’m true.

But, then you posted,
One counterfeit,
So I un-followed you.

It’s not that I’m fickle,
It’s just that Ialso felt the pain,
Of your malicious intent,
When you wrote it.

Spanish Translation


Con un poema te ganaste mi corazón,
Y me quedé contigo,
Porque soy leal.

Pero, luego publicaste,
Una falsificación,
Y te dejé de seguir.

No es que sea voluble,
Es sólo que también sentí el dolor,
De tus malas intenciones,
Cuando lo escribiste.

Por: ElRoyPoet © 2019

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The surprising reason people change their minds

“Poetry makes the world go round, making it a much better place in which to live. Poetry is an extremely important and powerful art form. Humans have been writing poems for thousands of years. When we think about poetry—romance and love is what first comes to mind for most people. But, poetry is so much more. Poetry is a linguistic expression of just about anything: feelings, emotions, values, hopes, dreams, messages, and more. It addresses, war, peace, sickness, health, fear, happiness, anxiety, to name just a few. Yes, poems are written about any subject you can imagine.” Excerpt from World Poetry Day

Explainer: poetic metre

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